Volunteer Opportunities

Join us at SBC in one, or more, of our volunteer roles and activities!  Be sure to review the important volunteer requirements on the Volunteer at SBC page. You must be an SAME member to volunteer.

A link to the SignUpGenius site will be available on the "Volunteer at SBC" page on/about July 27, 2022!

Volunteer Position Descriptions:
Express Badge Pickup (fka Express Registration)

Help attendees print their badges and distribute conference materials.

Briefings & Education Sessions Monitor
Scan Badges, direct participants to floor microphones to ask questions, conduct room count half-way through session.  After each session, do a clean sweep of the room, clear speaker tables, and replace water bottles.

CEO Roundtable Monitor
Check-in invited participants, scan badges for PDH credit, pass microphones, take room counts, support the session as needed.

Conference Bag Stuffing
Assist with set-up for conference bag stuffing assembly line, add materials to conference bags.

Exhibit Hall Badge Checker
During exhibitor move-in hours, help those trying to get into the Exhibit Hall with incorrect credentials. Check to see if they are with an exhibiting company.  If yes, give them the correct holder.

Attendee Help Desk (fka Full-Service Registration)
Ensure individuals need to be helped at the full-service counter; redirect them to Badge Pick-up, if necessary. Assist with stocking conference bags and the Ribbon Wall.

Human Arrow
Assist with the flow of attendees from one area to another; moving between activities and sessions within the convention center.

Networking Appointments Monitor
Assist with check-in and monitor rooms. Help set-up as needed.

Registration Volunteer Captain
Train registration volunteers/fill in for no-shows, help SAME registration staff where needed; liaison between registration volunteers and Registration Manager.

Onsite Registration (fka Self-Registration) 
This will be a station (same as Badge Pickup/Express Reg) where individuals will be able to register themselves, if they have not already registered. No waiting in line at Full Service Registration. Duties are to assist with this process, help print badges and provide conference materials.  

Session Monitor Captain
Learn how to use scanners, train session monitors on scanner use, assign monitors to rooms, check scanners back in at the end of volunteer sessions, compile scan counts and room counts on Master Room Count Sheet, check on sessions, fill in for no-shows (if needed).

New Member & First-Time Attendee Orientation Monitor
Take tickets for session, take room counts, help attendees find seating, support the session as needed.

Volunteer Concierge Captain
Manage all volunteers for check-in/out for shifts, provide reminders of responsibilities, assist with volunteer shirts, help with emergency/ad-hoc needs. Assist with filling for no-show slots and coordinating with other Captains.


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