Attendee Registration Form


Welcome to the ATTENDEE Registration Form for
SAME's 2020 Virtual Federal Small Business Conference

Before you begin the registration process please read carefully:
•    You do not need to be a SAME member to attend this conference.??????
•    If your company holds a sustaining membership with SAME, this does not automatically mean that you are an SAME member.  You must be listed as a representative on the membership. 
•    If you are not a member, the option to purchase an Individual Membership will be provided during the registration process. 
•    To obtain the discounted member rate for your individual registration, you must hold either an individual membership in SAME or be one of the designated Sustaining Member Representatives for your company. 
•    If you are with an Exhibiting Company, you must register through the Booth Staff Registration Form (once available).
•    Speakers must register through the Speaker Service Center.  Your Login was sent to you.
•    You will be asked to enter your Company's DUNS Number.  If you don't have one, please enter 9 zeros.
•    You will also be asked to list your Company's primary NAICS code. You can search for NAICS codes here:

Please disregard appearances of "(Reg)" in Questions; this is only for SAME's tracking purposes. 

Please click "Start" below to begin the Attendee registration process.

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