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SBC 2022 Pre-conference WorkshopBe the First to Know How to Leverage Free Federal Budget & Contract Intelligence to Win More Work - 4 PDH

Tuesday, November 1, 2022
Time: 1:00 - 5:00 p.m. CDT
Room: 201

$99 for SAME Members / $129 for Non-Members

Space is limited to 36. 

Join us for step-by-step instruction to gain a wholistic view of capture planning using both Federal budget data (future) as well as agency and contract award spending (historical) data. Using only 100% free tools and resources, you will learn to implement these skills and help position your team for success.

Module 1 – How to access, download, and decipher Federal Military Construction (MILCON) budget data

Military construction budgets are filled with valuable insight on what you will soon find advertised on Understanding how to find this critical (and FREE!) knowledge provides visibility on what types of projects you see in the next few years, where money is being invested, and can provide historical perspective to help you select new target clients or markets.

Seasoned business development and marketing professionals will tell you that if the first time you learn about a project is when the solicitation is advertised, it’s too late to pursue. The thought process is that there are other teams out there who already knew about the project, have a team prepared, have met with the client to position their team for success, and have already started preparing material for their proposal.

This first workshop module will equip attendees with knowledge on how to get ahead of solicitation advertisements by identifying potential opportunities before they are advertised, how to understand what the potential requirements may be, prepare a team, and how to help shape the solicitation requirements before it is advertised.

Module 2 – Now That You Have This Budget Data, What Do You Do With It?
Now that you have access to federal budget data, it is important to understand what the next steps are to put this information to use. In this module you will learn how to research the projects that you see listed in the budget submissions. You will also learn about how to access information on Sustainment, Restoration, and Modernization (SRM) and Non-Recuring Maintenance (NRM) projects. These projects are funded with money that is not included in the MILCON appropriations.

Using your computer, you will be guided through the steps that will help you develop a plan specific to your own business. By identifying opportunities that are still in the advanced stages, you will be able to speak with the program managers and contracting officials that NEED your help to complete their project.

The federal government is dependent upon the contracting community to accomplish its mission. Your input, questions, and solutions are not only desired by the government, but are critical to the success of any federal contract. These are some of the skills you will learn in this module.

Who Should Attend?

Individuals with Federal business development, market research, capture planning, and/or marketing responsibilities.

Why Should You Attend?

We will teach you step-by-step how to download and read Federal budget data and how to analyze prime contract award details using only 100% completely free tools and resources. In workshop format, users will follow presenters’ guidance using their own laptop, to complete the same tasks. Answers to questions and explanations on why or how will be answered at each step, ensuring users leave the workshop understanding what has been taught so they can replicate the tasks again on their own.

Learning Objectives

  • How to find, download, and decipher Federal Military Construction (MILCON) budgets.
  • How to create and conduct contract research in using free government websites.
  • Understand how to use this collective research knowledge to better position your team to compete for and win future projects or contracts before they are advertised on


Bob SidotiBob Sidoti

Bob Sidoti has had the pleasure of working in the A/E/C community for 22 years. After retiring from the Navy, Bob took a job with a local engineering company as a marketing representative. After 8 years, he moved into a business development role with a new, smaller architecture firm. This is where he was introduced to SAME. Bob began attending meetings and eventually had the honor of serving as Pensacola Post President for two years. Following his role as Post President, he took on the role as SAME South-Central RVP for two years.

Moving to a very large A/E/C firm provided Bob an opportunity to learn a whole new set of skills regarding the federal acquisitions market. He was fortunate to learn from some very smart people who were gracious with their time and patience. However, he did miss the small business environment and the ability to be agile and move quickly, so when an opportunity arose to join a group of good friends in the construction industry, he made the final jump.

As Federal Programs Manager for ESA South, Bob works with the acquisitions group to identify funding, develop strategies for choosing projects, and develop the relationships that will put them on top of the competition. If Bob is not working, you will usually find him on a cruise ship somewhere in the world. It seems that the love of being on the water, never gets old.


Jeff DuguidJeff Duguid, CF APMP

As a marketing and communications professional with more than two decades of experience, my career started out with a flop when my first written proposal, submitted at age 16 to my parents, was rejected. Fortunately, this didn’t stall my career, and I have since submitted innumerable proposals that have resulted in contract awards on four continents.
My success is rooted in a deep understanding of complex federal processes and expert research capabilities. Having worked for both primes and subcontractor, as well as architecture, engineering, and construction firms, I have a great understanding of the design and construction process, and more importantly, what it takes to win from each team’s perspective. Fun Facts: I love the outdoors. After work you’ll probably find me in the garage tinkering on an antique car or out biking, running, hiking. I have two bicycles; my preferred ride is the Columbia Ordinary (high wheel/penny farthing) built in 1885.

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