Having Trouble Deciding if You Should Register for SBC or NVSBE? 

Both conferences feature Business Opportunity Sessions, Networking Roundtable Sessions with government agencies, and endless opportunities to connect with government decision-makers and potential teaming partners. Your registration for one conference gains you access to all activities at the other conference - but you still have to decide which one to register for. Here’s a quick guide to help you decide - it’s all based on your primary goal for attending. Remember, you can still participate in activities of the other!
My Primary Goal of Attending Is To: I Should Register For:
Connect directly with individuals at SBC and/or NVSBE Networking Roundtables SBC NVSBE
USACE, Air Force and AFCEC, Navy and NAVFAC SBC  
Government Agencies: Dept of Energy, GSA, State Dept., NASA, etc. SBC  
Large Businesses such as AECOM, Jacobs, etc. SBC  
Attend Business Opportunity Sessions at SBC and/or NVSBE to hear the opportunities first-hand SBC NVSBE
Government Agencies: Dept of Energy, GSA, State Dept., NASA, etc. SBC  
Exhibiting & Sponsoring SBC NVSBE
Showcase My Company By Exhibiting* SBC  
Showcase My Company By Sponsoring** SBC NVSBE

* Securing a booth at SBC will make representatives from your company easily accessible to the thousands of government and small and large business representatives attending both SBC and NVSBE

**Becoming a sponsor of SBC and/or NVSBE will expose your company’s brand to both SBC and NVSBE attendees! You’re not limited to being a sponsor of just one! Ensure you reach both audiences by sponsoring activities at both engagements!