2020 SBC Keynote Speakers Dallas, TX

Cynt Marshall, Chief Executive Officer, Dallas Mavericks

Cynt Marshall

Chief Executive Officer
Dallas Mavericks
Thursday, November 5

Be inspired by Cynt Marshall of the Dallas Mavericks and Marshalling Resources Consulting, who has been a dynamic force for inclusion and diversity throughout her career, and is committed to a guiding principle that people matter—and that’s all that matters. Prior to her joining the Mavs, Cynt founded Marshalling Resources, a consulting firm specializing in Leadership, Diversity & Inclusion, Culture Transformation and overall optimization of people resources. Upon the company naming its first Chief Inclusion Officer in June 2017, Cynt worked with The Dow Chemical Company to develop and implement a strategy for institutionalizing an inclusive culture. Cynt’s notoriety began many years ago as a young Officer at AT&T and grew exponentially when she served as Senior Vice President – Human Resources & Chief Diversity Officer at AT&T. There she was responsible for identifying and developing leaders, aligning employees with the company’s vision and priorities, overseeing major business unit HR support, performance development, employee engagement, skills transformation initiatives, EEO and Affirmative Action. 

Brooks Thomas, Social Business Senior Advisor, Southwest Airlines

Brooks Thomas

Social Business Senior Advisor
Southwest Airlines
Wednesday, November 4

Be energized by Brooks Thomas, Social Business Senior Advisor at Southwest Airlines, who is constantly asked to have an eye on the future for the innovative company, and then apply that lens to big enterprise-wide projects where digital and social strategy could make a lasting impact. He is part of a team that is dedicated to integrating social and digital behavior throughout the company and was involved in award-winning content strategy work and was recognized in 2019 as one of Brand Innovators 40 under 40. He earned his degree from Southern Methodist University, and began his career in broadcast journalism before joining Southwest Airlines.