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While there are many faces that attend SBC, they all have one thing in common…OPPORTUNITY. Opportunities that only SBC can provide! Meet the some of the faces of SBC and discover a diverse and engaged group of people who are shaping the small business community. Check out their inspiring SBC stories and we’ll see you in Nashville!

Sally Clarke Mercedes Enrique Cara Cowan Watts NK Mbaya Mike Medrzycki Ben Wham


CPSM, AFG Group, Inc.

What you most looking forward to at SBC this year? I’m looking forward to the connections that I've built over the years, the relationships that have existed because I volunteered for years building programs, setting up initiatives smiling and laughing and having a good time together. And then what I think is interesting is that the longer that I've been at the end, the more that those relationships that maybe we have nothing in common business wise are now starting to click. Now there are opportunities that are starting to make sense where you can bring in people that you have relationships with, which is a nice to have before they are now a business a true business relationship. Check out her full infterview here.



MBA, F.SAME, President
CMS Corporation

I attended my first Small Business Conference in December of 2005. And after an exciting presentation by Dr. Tracy Pinson, the Army's Director of the Office for small business programs, I approached her and asked her how does a newly certified an 8(a) Construction Contractor like CMS, get the bonding to be able to pursue some of the opportunities that she had shared? And she looked at me and said do you see that gentleman over there? Tell him that I sent you and tell you about the SBAS mentor protege program? Well, six months later, CMS had entered the SBA mentor protege program, and I have to say that without that piece of advice, and that connection at the conference, CMS will not be worried. View Mercedes full video here



CEO and Managing Member
Tulsa Pier Drilling

When you have a small family-owned business like us, in the Cherokee Nation, getting to come to an event like this is just incredible to maximize our limited time to meet the right people, and that includes the government or federal officials that are here, really interacting with all of us in the peer group that's formed here and that is just exciting to us. View Cara's full video here



CPSM, F.SAME, Business Development Director
S&B Christ Consulting

Working for a service-disabled veteran owned small business, my role is to grow a presence in the federal market. During SBC, I have met and forged relationships with teaming partners, both from large and small firms. I've also met and had discussions with agents and contracting officers, program managers, and small business liaison officers from all over the country in person. Over the years, some of these folks have become trusted advisors and mentors that I can reach out to for anything. I attend every year because there's always something new to learn someone new to meet, and of course get together with both friends and colleagues. View NK's full video here



Director of Business Development

I have found that being able to come and get involved with our federal market is really invigorating. It really strengthens our foundation by being able to plant seeds and developing those relationships that will generate revenue and that's the main objective for us is to foster those relationships to and anticipate and identify opportunities in which we can become parts of teams support small business and as being a big business, but also being in a win-win situation. SAME is an organization that is integral to our business, to those that we work with, and most importantly, their long-term relationships that we built, continue to continue to grow. And we find a lot of value in our relationship with this. View Mike's full video here



P.E. , Colonel, USAF, Ret.
Global Recruiters of Charlottesville

First and foremost, the folks did a fantastic job of organizing the floor.  To be able to walk in and have access and meet folks on a one-on-one basis; talk about what they do; understand what others do, what their focus is; and understand the President's agenda helped greatly. I really enjoyed the social functions and meals where I could sit down with folks I have just met to swap business cards and talk about future opportunities together. The one thing that this organization does, especially in support of small businesses, is to put the small and the large together and give each opportunity to market what they do and get to know each other. I really enjoyed it. View Ben's full video here