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Please feel free to contact the following representatives for answers to any questions you may have related to SBC. The SAME National Office staff is on hand to make sure your SBC experience is a wonderful, informative one.

Area Name Email Phone
Registration Jackie Barrett registration@same.org 703-549-3800 ext. 191
Logistics Sara Stehle sstehle@same.org 703-549-3800 ext. 179
Exhibits & Sponsorships Kelly Dawson exhibit@same.org 703-549-3800 ext. 111
Membership Katja Watts member@same.org 703-549-3800 ext. 131
Speaking at SBC Belle Febbraro bfebbraro@same.org 703-549-3800 ext. 171
General Oversight Ann McLeod amcleod@same.org 703-549-3800 ext. 150

Presentations for education sessions are 35-40 minutes long with the remainder for Q&A. Some exceptions apply.

The DRAFT presentation should be uploaded to facilitate any pre-conference calls or dry runs with your session moderator. It also shows SAME that you are on track with providing your presentation on time and you are using the correct template for your presentation. We understand that you are still making edits until the FINAL is due November 11 , 2021.

Please title by military time, day, track, last name, draft or final.

Example: 1400-1500_Thurs_Marketing_Jones_FINAL

Yes. Please upload your presentation in  PPT format using the "Upload Handout" link in the SSC. Draft Presentations are due November 1, 2021. We understand that there may be changes to your presentation after this date, and that''s okay - you can upload a new version but please email Belle at bfebbraro@same.org to notify changes have been made. Final presentations are due no later than November 11, 2021.

  • File Format and Size Limitations: All presentations must be in PPT format. 30 MB is the maximum sized file that can be uploaded. DO NOT upload a PDF instead of a PPT in order to meet file size requirements.
  • Can’t Meet the 30 MB Size Requirement?? Solutions are to compress any photos, videos, or graphics within the presentation. If you are unable to do this, please notify me via email so we can discuss a work-around.

SAME has created graphics to use in your email, on your website or via your social media channels. Let people know you’ll be speaking before you go! http://www.samesbc.org/marketing_tools.cfm

Service members are permitted to wear a uniform to SAME events in accordance with service regulation. Each of the service branches has provided its preferred dress for the SBC. Please take a moment to review the list and pack for your SBC trip accordingly.

Group Conference Daytime Speakers
Civilian Business Casual Business Attire
U.S. Army ASU/Class B (without tie) for all events and receptions, with the following exclusions:
Thurs, Nov. 16: for Plenary Session, and until 5pm - ASU/Class A (full jacket)
Fri., Nov. 17: from first Session through Luncheon, until 2:30 pm - ASU/Class A (full jacket)
ASU (Class A equivalent)
U.S. Marine Corps Service "C" Service "C"
U.S. Navy Khakis Khakis
U.S. Air Force Long Sleeve Blues with tie Service Dress
U.S. Coast Guard Tropical Blue Long Service Dress Blue
U.S. Public Health Service Service Khaki Service Dress Blue

BigMarker is our virtual platform.

Yes, SAME staff will provide a URL to access the platform.  You may access the platform multiple times to perfect your presentation.

All sessions and activities are Eastern Time.

Speakers and moderators should sit in an area clear of clutter.  It is helpful to sit in a nicely decorated part of the building you are in.  You should have a well-lit area.  Consider adding additional lights to your room if the area is too dark.  Your area should be quiet during your presentation.  Make sure any pets or people are in a different area of the building you are in.

On the Speaker Welcome page, you should see the session(s) you are speaking or moderating for and will include session code, session title, date, time and role.  Your contact information will not appear.  If you have other speakers or moderators in your session, the names and contact information for those people will appear.

Yes - you will need a slide indicating there is a video.  SAME staff will upload the video separately and launch it when the slide is shown.  You can upload videos in MP4 formats or use a YouTube link.

YES! A speaker ready room will be available on-site. Computers will be there for your use.

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