Government Agency Matched Networking Hosts

Government agencies show growing presence year-over-year at SAME's Small Business Conference in order to meet their small business contracting needs with small, disadvantaged, HUBZone, veteran-owned, woman-owned, and service-disabled veteran-owned small businesses. Small businesses are given an unparalleled opportunity to network face-to-face and speak openly with contracting officers and small business liaisons from USACE Districts, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, and other government agencies. View the list below to see the participating agencies.

 *The list will be updated as information is confirmed.
Participating Government Agency Matched Networking Hosts
Division Representative Name Title
502nd CONS - JBSA Lackland Air Force DoD Adriana Kuhr
Christal Jackson
Kimberly Mata
Air Force Civil Engineer Center Strategic Acquisition and Category Management Directorate (AFCEC CCL) Dr. Jacklyn Crews Pujol
Efrem Rivers
Thomas Hedrick
Acting Director
Program Manager
Program Manager
Defense Contract Audit Agency  Lashia Cooper Financial Liaison Advisor
Defense Logistics Agency Janel Thompson Management Analyst
Department of State - AQM
(Area of focus: AE & Construction)
James Waggoner
Jennifer Leung
Lori Botkin
Canuto "Phil" Campos
Chrissie Fields
Samantha Pakuwal
Branch Chief
Contracting Officer
Contracting Officer
Sr. Contracting Officer
Contracting Officer
Contracting Officer
Department of State - OBO
(Area of focus: REC/Small Business)
Sharmeena Salam-Haughton
Brent Derrick
Branch Chief
General Eng
Department of State - OSDBU
(Area of focus: Small Business)
Dr. Anthony Josey Procurement Analyst
Department of Veterans Affairs Roniece Ambrose  
Department of Veterans Affairs Angeleque Batkins  
Department of Veterans Affairs Dennis Becker  
Department of Veterans Affairs Noella Bond  
Department of Veterans Affairs David Bullerwell  
Department of Veterans Affairs Isabell Coad  
Department of Veterans Affairs Shea Colby  
Department of Veterans Affairs Beth Cook  
Department of Veterans Affairs Maria Cruz-Thompson  
Department of Veterans Affairs Steve Davis  
Department of Veterans Affairs Jared Detton  
Department of Veterans Affairs Hollie Dickey  
Department of Veterans Affairs Megan Dohm  
Department of Veterans Affairs John Ezell  
Department of Veterans Affairs Darien Fludd  
Department of Veterans Affairs Dominik Gammon  
Department of Veterans Affairs Ferdinand Gawaran  
Department of Veterans Affairs Chantel Guest  
Department of Veterans Affairs Phyllis Jackson  
Department of Veterans Affairs Willie Mae Johnson  
Department of Veterans Affairs Edward Kostolansky  
Department of Veterans Affairs Vangie Miller  
Department of Veterans Affairs Arnold Payne  
Department of Veterans Affairs Lynn Petit  
Department of Veterans Affairs Karen Rhodes  
Department of Veterans Affairs Tiffany Rivers  
Department of Veterans Affairs Harold Robbins  
Department of Veterans Affairs Shawn Shafer  
Department of Veterans Affairs Victoria Wayne  
Department of Veterans Affairs: NCA Auvorie Benson Contracting Officer
Department of Veterans Affairs: NCA Mike Giaquinto Contracting Officer
Department of Veterans Affairs: NCA Shane Hilts Contracting Officer
Department of Transportation Natalie Rosa Small Business Specialist - 8(a) & HUBZone Program Advocate
DOD Air Force AFIMSC/SB Debra Harber Small Business Professional
Federal Aviation Administration Lelanie Rivera  
Federal Reserve Board Marleitha Williams  
National Guard Bureau Tom Dembowski  
National Science Foundation Majesty Campbell  
NAVFAC HQ OSBP Bianca Henderson  
NAVFAC SE Kimberly O'Brien Supervisory Contract Specialist
NSA Cybersecurity Collaboration Center Rose Lenhart  
Sandia National Laboratories Patricia Brown Supplier Diversity Advocate
Texas Veterans Land Board Mallory Morris  
Ukraine State Special Transport Service (SSTS)     
U.S. Department of Homeland Security/OSDBU    

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Region 6

Debora Bradford

Small and Disadvantaged Business Coordinator

United States Agency for International Development Charles Aycock  
USACE Alaska District (Not available for appointments, but please visit booth 868) Kathy Kinnett Small Business Deputy
USACE Albuquerque District Stephanie Parra SBP
USACE Army Geospatial Center Ernise Cummings SBP 
USACE Baltimore District Tamika Gray Small Business Deputy  
USACE Buffalo District Dorothy Jones Small Business Deputy
USACE Charleston District Tonya Willis Deputy
USACE Engineering Research and Development Center Kimberly Dulaney  
USACE Fort Worth District Ali Marshall D, OSBP  
USACE Galveston District Kay Riplinger-Baltz D, OSBP  
USACE Humphreys Engineer Center for Support Activity Monique Holmes  
USACE Huntington District Eileen Hodges Small Business Deputy
USACE Huntsville Engineering and Support Center Nicole Boone Deputy
USACE Huntsville Engineering and Support Center Bridget Carr-Patton SBP
USACE Huntsville Engineering and Support Center Leander Young Deputy

Sherry Rone

National Program Manager, Air Force Environmental Program
USACE Jacksonville District Kimberly Daniel-Ray Deputy
USACE Kansas City District Arthur Saulsberry Small Business Chief
USACE Los Angeles District Roger Minami SBP
USACE Los Angeles District Eric Ravelli SBP
USACE Louisville District Courtney Luckett  
USACE Memphis District Sherrie Cordi Small Business Deputy  
USACE Mobile District Sonya Rodgers Deputy
USACE Nashville District Eulanda Scott-Shingleton Small Business Deputy  
USACE New England District Eva Marie Dantuono Small Business Deputy
USACE New Orleans District David Willis Small Business Deputy
USACE Norfolk District Cherie Kunze Small Business Deputy
USACE Pacific Ocean Division TBD Assistant Director
USACE Philadelphia District James Wood Small Business Deputy  
USACE Portland District Carol McIntyre Small Business Chief
USACE Rock Island District Troy Robbins Small Business Deputy
USACE Sacramento District Michelle Morales SBP
USACE Sacramento District Vernon Simpkins SBP
USACE Savannah District Jennifer Cavanagh Small Business Deputy
USACE Seattle District Enshane Nomoto Small Business Deputy
USACE Southwestern Division Melea Crouse Assistant Director
USACE St. Louis District Ashanti Brown-Griffin Small Business Deputy
USACE St. Paul District Christine Davis Small Business Deputy
USACE Tulsa District Gene Snyman D, OSBP
USACE Vicksburg District Demetric Erwin Small Business Deputy
USACE Walla Walla District James Glynn Small Business Deputy


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