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You’ve done your research, you’ve tried to plan, but you are still unsure what other districts/centers you should be working with, or even just curious about all of our missions- so what do you do? Visit HQ, USACE Office of Small Business at booth# 336! For the first time we are hosting our own booth to answer general questions, help direct you to the best divisions/districts/centers for marketing and/or just to meet you and hear what great things you are doing to support the USACE mission! We urge you to check out our newly revamped website at Small Business -- Headquarters U.S. Army Corps of Engineers before the conference…look at our enterprise forecast, register in our contractor database, learn about subcontracting opportunities and come armed with knowledge to help your experience at SAME SBC be even more successful!

USACE Centers

You are probably familiar with Huntsville Center and the extensive work they do CONUS and OCONUS with construction, A/E, facility support services, and other missions. Did you know Huntsville is only one or four centers within USACE, outside of our divisions/districts with very distinct missions and business opportunities?

Army Geospatial Center (AGC)  

The AGC collects, analyzes, manages, and delivers geospatial data and products, provides acquisition support, and develops innovative solutions to solve the toughest geospatial challenges. They lead the development and integration of the Army Geospatial Enterprise and lend Geospatial intelligence expertise to develop and field tools for location gathering and provides geospatial products, data, and training for an array of military operations. 

Engineering Research and Development Center (ERDC)

ERDC is the research organization of USACE, and conducts R&D in support of the soldier, military installations and civil works projects, as well as for other Federal agencies, state and municipal authorities.  ERDC manage an annual research program exceeding $1B at seven laboratories in four states and has capabilities in five primary technical areas:  warfighter support, installations, environment, water resources, and information technology.

Humphrey’s Engineer Center Support Activity (HECSA)

HECSA is responsible for providing day-to-day installation management and support services to HQ, USACE and other Corps activities located in the National Capital Region.  HECSA’s main customers are HQ,USACE, Institute for Water Resources, Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program, Environmental Safety Certification Program, 249th Engineer Battalion, Prime Power School, CIO-G6 (Enterprise level IT support), and various tenants located at Humphrey’s Engineer Center. Due to their diverse customer base, the procurement opportunities for small businesses are also diverse, ranging from software licenses to minor construction.



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