Exhibitor FAQ

Where can I find a list of exhibitors?
What are the dates of the conference - I see different dates?
Where can I find information on Networking Roundtables?
When can I reserve a hotel room?
How do I get a booth?
What do the colors/tiers mean on the booth layout?
What do I get with my booth?
I am a SAME member, why am I getting the non-member booth fees?
How do I order electric, AV, F&B and other items for my booth?
How do I pay for my booth or get my invoice/receipt?
What is the payment / cancellation policy for booth space/sponsorship?
How do I register booth staff?
When is set-up and tear-down?
How do I update my company profile for the program and on-line?
Why haven't I received any correspondence from show management?
Can I get the attendee list?
What are the rules and regulations that I should be aware of regarding this conference?
Can we pass out "give-aways" at our booth?
Can I organize a raffle at our booth?
Can I rent a private room for a company meeting?